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We are Precision Snow Removal and Land Management
Why Choose us for Snow & Ice Removal?

Anybody with a pickup and a blade can plow snow. At Precision Snow Removal our staff routinely monitors weather patterns with up to the minute updates. We can prepare and maintain your property before, during and after all storms. Precision Snow Removal has been in the snow and ice management business for 18 years and we pride ourselves on ensuring each property is ready for and can maintain business during the winter weather. Your customers are our priority and safety is always first!

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Our Equipment List

  • Over 20 trucks in our fleet
  • Loaders ranging from 1yd to 5yd's
  • 10 salt spreaders/sanders
  • 10 snow blowers
  • If need be will utilize additional machinery for your snow removal needs
Ice Cubes
24/7 preparedness in wintry weather
Pre-season and pre-storm planning

Snow & Ice Services

During the winter, we monitor storms, and our crews and equipment are on call 24/7 to manage whatever comes your way before the flake hits the ground.

Snow Stacking

we relocate snow on your property to a desired area and stack it for your customers safety.

Snow Hauling

The equipment is available to remove snow offsite. This is done using our equipment lineup.

Ice Management

We also provide Ice Melting material after the storm to prevent any ice build up at the premises.

Shoveling Sidewalks

Our goal is to provide safe passage on all high traffic areas of your property for your business.

Snow Pile
  • Did you know...?

    You'll put less stress on your body if you focus on pushing and not lifting snow out of the way. This will use less energy to help you stave of fatigue and will also be easier on your back and shoulders.

  • Did you know...?

    If your house abuts the driveway, start on the side closest to the house. That way you won’t be throwing snow onto pavement you’ve already cleared.

  • Did you know...?

    No matter what snow removal method you use, try to avoid driving or walking on the snow before you get started. Packed snow is harder to clear. And if the snow is sticking to the shovel or the snow blower’s shoot, spray either with silicone or, in a pinch, a cooking spray.